Three options for Jull Street – now it’s your turn

Three options for Jull Street – now it’s your turn

Artist impression of the one-way road proposed for Jull Street Mall.

The ongoing contentious issue of revitalising Jull Street Mall has taken the next step as the City of Armadale council decided to send the proposal out to community consultation at their council meeting on Monday.

The battle to revitalise Jull Street Mall has been a long one, with business owners and community members begging the City of Armadale council to redevelop the area for more than two years.

Since April 2019, the Reconnect Jull Street group have been campaigning for the mall in order to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

On Monday March 8, the council made the decision to send the proposal to community consultation.

Three options will be provided to the public for consultation, re-open the mall into a one-way road, re-open to a two-way road or leave the mall as it is with some new lighting and new benches.

Last year the City of Armadale engaged the services of town planning firm Roberts Day, which resulted in a report that stated opening to a one-way road performs comparatively better than the alternative options.

Reconnect Jull Street spokesperson Michael Facey attended the meeting Monday night after a long battle with the council.

“The lack of pedestrian traffic, the increasing antisocial behaviour and impact of COVID-19 has affected each and every business in the mall,” he said.

“On top of that we have a council that has not responded to our proposal to revitalise and upgrade the mall, which would turn the centre of the Armadale CBD into a place the whole community can enjoy.

“The council was advised nearly a year ago that re-opening the Jull Street Mall to slow moving one-way traffic is the best option, yet they have not acted on this advice.”

According to the Reconnect Jull Street group, opening the mall into a one-way road will allow for an increase in traffic through the area creating a safer and more welcoming space.

The City of Armadale Mayor Ruth Butterfield said the council decision to go to community consultation is important to give the public say.

“The businesses will get an opportunity to comment and give feedback as well but what has to happen first is a community consultation strategy will have to come back to council,” she said.

“We want to give people enough time to respond and the public needs the information, costs and implication of each of the options.

“We will give the public those three options without fear or favour and let it go to community consultation so the council can look at what the community says.”