Could you live on $43.50 a day?

Could you live on $43.50 a day?


The JobKeeper supplement is set to finish on March 28, and the JobSeeker subsidy set to end on March 31, causing concerns from the local community.

The cuts come at the same time as the end of the COVID-19 residential rent response, allowing landlords to increase rent.

Locals are already turning to social media to discuss their rent increases and supplement decreases, with many concerned they could be homeless come March 28 due to the combination.

An estimated 4115 workers and 1337 businesses across the federal electorate of Burt will no longer receive the support of JobKeeper come March 28.

Shadow Minister Assisting for Small Business and Federal Member for Burt, Matt Keogh MP has warned the JobKeeper transition must be based on what’s going on in the local economy, not an arbitrary deadline at the end of March.

“Our community needs and deserves a comprehensive jobs plan to support local businesses and workers in the recovery,” he said.

“Abolishing JobKeeper on March 28 will impact more than one million workers and half a million businesses across the country, including thousands of working families in Burt.”

Mr Keogh said that Australia’s recovery from the deepest recession in a century risks being longer because the Morrison government is pulling support from local economies too quickly.

“Up to 250,000 people across the country are expected to lose their jobs when JobKeeper comes to an end, forcing them onto JobSeeker,” Mr Keogh said.

“Our community alone will be almost $2.5 million worse off per fortnight when the JobSeeker Coronavirus supplement is withdrawn.”

“The proposed new rate of JobSeeker, currently before the Parliament – at approximately $43.50 a day is cold comfort for the thousands of people across our community who will lose jobs at the end of the month.”