Since 1989 The Examiner has evolved from a community newsletter to a fully fledged weekly newspaper covering the areas of Gosnells, Armadale and Serpentine Jarrahdale with a circulation of 63,717.

In addition, the Canning Examiner, covering the City of Canning has a circulation of 35,000 papers (Click here to see the maps for the Canning Examiner).

The growth of The Examiner is testimony to the support provided by the community and businesses.

The Examiner is a locally owned and operated metropolitan and regional newspaper with all staff based in Kelmscott.

Why is The Examiner so successful? Business people have realised the newspaper is heavily supported by LOCAL business and LOCAL readers.

Readers have embraced the newspaper as “their own”. Important news which affects the community and general information forms a stepping stone for advertisers to reach the householder.

The Examiner prides itself on its commitment to reporting news that is relevant to its readership. We are proud of the reputation we have established.

The Armadale/Gosnells/Serpentine Examiners are published every Thursday and the Canning Examiner is published every Wednesday.

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Timeline of The Examiner

  • 1991, December: Serpentine Jarrahdale Examiner first edition, published monthly, A4. Distributed to Serpentine Jarrahdale. From 1989 it was a monthly newsletter for the Serpentine Jarrahdale council.
  • 1992, July: The Examiner goes fortnightly due to excellent response from readers and advertisers.
  • 1993, March 13: The Weekend Examiner starts, published fortnightly, distributed to Armadale.
  • 1997, September 12: Expands to Gosnells
  • 2000, November 16: Colour printing
  • 2005, July 21: Expands to Canning