Taking to the catwalk in style

Taking to the catwalk in style

Design by Bentley resident Thandar Tun for this year’s annual graduate fashion show.

Two artists from Parkwood and Bentley will be featured at TAFE’s annual graduate fashion show on November 12 at B Shed in Fremantle.

Rennan Amorin and Thandar Tun are two artists from 15 finalists at the Perth Fashion Festival’s Future Runway.

The show is in its 49th year and features collections from fashion design and merchandising students studying at TAFE’s Bentley campus.

Ms Amorin will be displaying her collection label BJORN, which takes inspiration from the curvaceous shape and exotic colour palette of the tropical Pitcher plant.

“The colour, texture and silhouette of my inspiration is expressed through hand painted textures, Swarovski embellishment and the rich colour palette ranging from red and orange to pink and magenta,” she said.

“I take challenge in dynamic pattern making techniques such as TR cutting to create one of a kind garments.”

Unlike Ms Amorin’s work Ms Tun’s collection called New Age creates fashion pieces which are strong, complex, edgy and timeless.

She said she was influenced by the lifestyles of the 1980s as well as 1990s rock and punk culture, reflecting on the dark side of people’s personalities and moods.

“This season’s collection was inspired by the contrasting qualities of rigid Roman architecture and the soft draped Roman dresses of sculptures from that time period,” she said.

“The collection includes powerful and timeless tailoring that reflect the brand’s modern and bold aesthetic.”