Speed concern

Speed concern

Peter Abetz seeks help from the community in latest email regarding election time.

Southern River residents are angry about being booked for speeding on Barrett Street after the area was deemed a built up area and declared a 50km/h zone.

Residents have taken to social media claiming Barrett Street is in fact a country road, stating the speed limit should be a 60km/h to 70km/h per hour zone.

One resident stated that Anstey Road in Forrestdale was also considered a built up and a 50km zone, which he said was ridiculous describing it a ‘semi rural area.’

Another resident wrote she had no idea Barrett Street was a 50km/h zone as she thought it was a country road and ended up with a fine from the police.

Member for Southern River Peter Abetz posted a short video on his Facebook page on January 12 to warn residents that police considered Barrett Street to be a built up area.

Mr Abetz said residents were angry that some months ago signs at each end of Barrett Street were erected saying ‘remember 50km/h in a built up area.’

“It is not a built up area,” he said.

“It is a country road with 1.1km of bush on either side.”

Mr Abetz said he had raised concerns with the Minister for Transport and Police and has been advised the matter is being reviewed.

“In the meantime, drivers who have had infringement notices issued can write to the police requesting an adjudication,” he said.

“This means that their infringement will be put on hold until the review is complete, and a decision made as to whether the speed limit was 50km per hour or not.

“The definition of a built up area is in the Road Traffic Regulations, and is pretty specific.

“It includes houses, or commercial buildings or street lights not more than 100 metres apart and Barrett Street is a stretch of bush with no houses, commercial properties or street lights.”

Mr Abetz said he hoped common sense would prevail and a formal speed limit of 70 or 80 would be sign posted and residents would have their fines waived.

To view the video visit facebook.com/peterabetzmla/