New Joker will captivate DC fans thanks to Phoenix

New Joker will captivate DC fans thanks to Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix takes on his new role as Joker.

If you hate clowns or dislike dark films this might not be your cup of tea but for anyone who appreciates a good performance the 2019 film Joker could be considered a work of art.

Directed by Todd Phillips’ Joker is a psychological film starring Joaquin Phoenix and it’s just what DC comic fans need in their lives – a direct view to one of Gotham City’s most disturbing villain.

Phillips explores a different perspective of the Joker and creates a sense of empathy towards the character that makes audiences reflect on their perception of villains and evil doings.

Phoenix’s performance as Arthur Fleck, the Joker, is disturbing yet magnificent and reflects on his transition from mental health issues to pure madness.

He is shown as a vulnerable character that only wants to make people laugh without truly understanding the meaning of laughter himself and is then created into a monster by a society that chooses to ignore and misinterpret his behaviour.

Even though the storyline could potentially be complex for some it is important to analyse the deeper meaning that the director is trying to convey through the eyes of what’s real and what’s not.

Heath Ledger’s most famous version of the Joker in the 2008 Dark Knight film left fans waiting for a new Joker to outdo his performance.

The new Phoenix version could potentially do that.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Distributor: Warner Bros

In cinemas now