New early learning centre opens

New early learning centre opens

A new early learning centre at Pioneer Primary School creates easy school transition for students.

Little Pioneer’s new Early Learning Centre opened on February 8, catering to the education of three-year-olds up to five days a week.

Early learning education is vital to the development of children both mentally and socially.

Pioneer Primary school values the importance of play in the early years within both indoor and outdoor settings as an integral part of a child’s overall learning and development.

The surroundings of the school are tranquil with a leafy green environment according to a school spokesperson.

“By exploring the unique setting of our school and making use of the available natural resources, we enhance every child’s opportunity to reach their full potential,” she said.

Offering a smooth transition to school and work-friendly hours, Little Pioneer’s Early Learning encourages parents to actively become involved in their children’s learning.

“The staff and educators provide an atmosphere of care, trust and mutual respect recognising the diverse values and cultural beliefs of families and the wider community,” said the spokesperson.

“The Little Pioneers lead by example through engaging in Professional Learning opportunities to ensure best practice at all times.”

“We believe that our school environment should be safe, happy and stimulating allowing children to explore, enquire, communicate and understand.”

For more information visit or phone 9399 6999.