“I won’t sugar coat it”

“I won’t sugar coat it”

The music video took place in Armadale, with Travis Ugle rapping about the neighbourhood. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

The recent filming of a music video in Armadale attracted not only a couple hundred people, but also the local police.

Armadale rapper Travis Ugle put a call out for extras to appear in his latest music video, which was filmed on Friday, August 13.

Mr Ugle said around 250 people took part in the video, which he said he was thankful for.

“To have that many people turn up was a big sign of respect from the people of the Armadale streets,” he said.

“To film it here was a great way to show the love I have for this area and the people because there isn’t much here people can look forward to.

“When I rap and perform most people know I’m rapping for all of us.”

Mr Ugle said local police also turned up on the night.

“The police rocked up only for the young blokes on dirt bikes then took off and let us keep recording,” he said.

According to Mr Ugle, the song he was filming the music video for was about people who grew up in rough neighbourhoods and the lifestyle they live.

“There are some bad things that do happen in these suburbs but it’s a part of life,” he said.

“In many ways I won’t sugar coat it, because at the end of the day I’m telling the truth.

“What I’m saying in my hook is ‘I can tell if a person is real or fake’.

“It’s easy to put on an act but a person that’s lived that life will know immediately if you have or you haven’t.

“The positive thing out of all this is that I am living proof right now that there can be good in each and every kid’s future who are doing it hard at the moment from around these rough neighbourhoods.”

The music video is set to be released in the coming weeks, after the footage is edited and finalised.