Getting a handle on the pillars

Getting a handle on the pillars

Tension in the City of Gosnells council. Photorgraph-Richard Polden.

To ‘be radical’ is the acronym formed in the nine pillars the City of Gosnells mayor Glenn
Dewhurst posted on social media from August 2 to 10.

Mr Dewhurst said it is based upon a stream of requests received from ratepayers in Gosnells that there be increased ‘clarity’ and ‘action’ to help to improve circumstances.

Mr Dewhurst decided to get on board with his social media posts and provide the community with further understanding on what the city is hoping to achieve.

According to Mr Dewhurst the community is looking for change and for the City of Gosnells to be proactive to help them out in these tough economic times.

This entails a need for both significantly improved community engagement and communication.

Mr Dewhurst said that the community requests stated that they do not want the status
quo with a city seeking to finance operations through increasing charges on existing residents.

He also said the nine pillars have already begun to be implemented and they are being shared openly for the community to understand and hold the city accountable.
“My focus is very much on the here and now,” he said.

“On meeting community needs now and showing the community an exciting platform for improved performance.