Students reflect on those they know living with disease

Students reflect on those they know living with disease

Ben Freeman, Danti Ramirez, Mia Van Der Klashorst, Jackson Halse, Avnish Mohabeer and Jayden Samuel. Photograph- Richard Polden.

Six year 11 students from Thorn- lie Christian College were brave enough to shave their heads as part of the World’s Greatest Shave to raise money for leukemia.

Cancer can affect almost any part of the body but leukemia and lymphoma affects people’s blood. During the fundraising, each classroom had a coin box to raise the funds and they collected more than $2000 to support the fundraiser.

Through the World’s Greatest Shave people have the opportunity to contribute and help those people suffering and to be able to build much stronger research.

With a long history of staff members and students from the school living with or having family members suffering from leukemia; Avnish Mohabeer, Jackson Halse, Ben Freeman, Jayden Samuel, Danti Ramirez and Mia Van der Klashorst decided to say goodbye to their hair in recog

Ben Freeman, Danti Ramirez, Jackson Halse, Mia Van Der Klashorst , Avnish Mohabeer and Jayden Samuel. Photograph- Richard Polden.

nition of those who have gone through it.

Year 11 student Danti Ramirez said he felt nervous before chop- ping his hair but was excited to see the result.

“It feels different on my head and I am kind of nervous to see what it looks like,” he said.

“My mum did it last year so she inspired me to do it.

Mia Van Der Klashorst has her head shaved during the fundraiser. Photograph — Richard Polden.

Even though I don’t know much people that have been through leukemia I want to do anything I can do to help them.”

Mia Van Der Klashort’s father said he was so proud as this was her initiative and the second time she was doing it.

“I am so proud because my dad is going through cancer and for her to step up and go through that space is just amazing,” he said.

Principal Mr Innes said he was really happy with the students supporting this fundraising.
“These children sacrificing their hair is just a wonderful symbol of how one can actually make the world a better place,” he said.

“Through it is a small act, it is a big act for them.”

Principal Mr Innes used his army skills to cut some of the students hair.