Former cop councillor performs citizen’s arrest

Former cop councillor performs citizen’s arrest

A series of election posters were allegedly stolen.

Former Canning deputy mayor Jesse Jacobs has been released on bail after being charged over an allegation he organised the removal of mayor Patrick Hall’s election signs on the weekend.

Mr Hall, a former police officer of 25 years, was involved in the midnight citizen’s arrest of a man accused of removing the signs.

The man was allegedly caught with a kerbside collection of the mayor’s election signs allegedly stolen in a midnight heist.

The man taken into custody was allegedly working for Cr Jacobs who is running against Cr Hall.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting Cr Jacobs defied requests from the mayor to resign and remained in the council chamber after being asked to leave.

Cr Jacobs is set to face court next month.



Before and after:A series of election posters were allegedly stolen.


At the meeting, Cr Hall said he wanted to address the “elephant in the room” right from the start.

“Late on Sunday, an incident occurred — a number of election signs were stolen,” he said.

“It is a matter of public record councillor Jesse Jacobs is alleged to have been involved in that offence.”

He then called on him to leave the meeting and resign — but he did not.

Cr Hall said he found a man wearing dark clothing and a baseball hat in a side street on Sunday night before the man ran off towards Randford Road.

“I told people at the time I was elected that this council would stand up to the sort of behaviours that are the expectation of our community,” Cr Hall said.

“I’ve never walked away from that line.”

Cr Hall said he used air tags to track the alleged thieves.

“The only signs Jesse Jacobs should now be taking down are his own,” he said saying Cr Jacobs should resign from council.

Cr Jacobs handed himself into police on Monday morning at the neighbouring Canning Police station.

After being charged, he denied taking the signs and said he would fight the charge.

Cr Hall will face four challengers at this year’s council elections — including the man he ousted in 2019 Paul Ng.

He is up against former councillor Graham Barry, Cr Jacobs, Peter Clayton and Mr Ng.

Mr Hall said if re-elected, he would continue to advocate for low rates rises.

Others in the mix also cited the city’s finances as a reason behind their reason to run.

Mr Ng said in his candidate profile he wanted to “bring the city back to the right trajectory”.

“In these changing and difficult times, we need a committed and experienced hand at the wheel,” he said.

“I will put an end to rate hikes, excessive allowances and poor service delivery.”

Mr Hall has previously flagged that 2023-24 is also the final year of Canning’s three-year financial plan to reduce debt.