Education Assistant receives top gong

Education Assistant receives top gong

Aspiri Primary education assistant Tamie Douglas with students Marisca Budiarto and Ava Tresham. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

Students at a Piara Waters primary school are being helped every day by the state’s best education assistant. 

Aspiri Primary education assistant Tamie Douglas was recently recognised as Western Australia’s best at this year’s Education Awards. 

Teaching at a school which is less than a year old and only has kindergarten and pre-primary students has been an exciting journey for Mrs Douglas. 

“My role at Aspiri Primary is to offer targeted support across all classrooms,” she told The Examiner. 

“I literally go into most classrooms on a daily basis and work with students in many different areas, including helping to improve their reading, fluency or comprehension and working with students that have English as a second language.” 

Associate principal Sheri Evans nominated Mrs Douglas for the award, which won her a monetary prize to go towards her professional development. 

Mrs Douglas is part way through a Bachelor of Education and hopes one day to graduate and continue her love for teaching at a different level, but for now she said she was fiercely passionate about ensuring schools utilise their education assistants effectively. 

“For me my job doesn’t feel like work so I just go somewhere every day that makes me happy,” she said. 

“I love getting to know the students and working with them to develop skills and confidence in lots of areas and I love working with the amazing staff at Aspiri Primary.”