Birds to blame for lack of power

Birds to blame for lack of power

Jarrahdale Oval has been without power since August 21 and without working toilets since June 2018.

Stallholders at next month’s Jarrahdale Log Chop and SJ Lions Country Fair at Jarrahdale Oval will have to contend with generators and a temporary lighting tower, as the oval no longer has a power connection. 

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale acting chief executive Helen Sarcich confirmed that the shire turned off all power at the meter box at Jarrahdale Oval on August 21, as the overhead wiring had been damaged by birds and was deemed not safe. 

The toilets at the oval were also decommissioned in June last year due to the dilapidated condition of the structure and plumbing systems.

“The shire is investigating options to re-instate the facilities at Jarrahdale Oval,” Ms Sarcich said. 

“Options and costings will be presented to council in the future for their consideration. 

“The shire will also advocate to state and federal governments for funding to deliver improvements and upgrades at Jarrahdale Oval.” 

The shire will be providing a generator and a lighting tower for the Jarrahdale Log Chop and SJ Lions Country Fair on October 6 at a cost of $1001. 

Portable toilets will also be provided at an additional cost to the shire. 

Ms Sarcich said individuals or organisations wishing to book Jarrahdale Oval in the future would be advised that power and toilet facilities would need to be provided at their expense until these facilities are re-instated.