Banksia Woodlands restored thanks to volunteers

Banksia Woodlands restored thanks to volunteers

Elise and Aaron Holmwood helped with the planting efforts at this year's National Tree Day event at Peel Horse and Pony Club. Photograph - Richard Polden.

Residents from all walks of life dusted off their gumboots and pulled on their gloves for a community planting day in Oldbury last weekend. 

The National Tree Day event at the Peel Horse and Pony Club attracted close to 100 people who planted 2000 trees in what was near perfect July weather.

Landcare SJ chief executive Francis Smit said everyone involved relished the friendship and community effort to restore a piece of degraded Banksia Woodland.

“Volunteers planted trees, shrubs and ground covers specific to Banksia Woodlands with the aim to enhance and restore the remnant patch,” he said.

“Banksia Woodlands was listed as a threatened ecological community in 2016 meaning there has been a significant reduction in their unique habitat and ecological function.

“It seems unbelievable when you consider how much of the Swan Coastal Plain was under Banksia Woodland 30 years ago even 20 years ago.” 

Photographs – Richard Polden.