Armadale 24/7 police station back on the agenda

Armadale 24/7 police station back on the agenda


WA Labor has used the federal Canning by-election to announce it would open Armadale police station 24/7 if elected at the next state election.

An all hours station was a controversial topic with police commissioner Karl O’Callaghan previously stating opening the station would take police off the beat.

At a press conference today with federal opposition leader Bill Shorten and Canning Labor candidate Matt Keogh, state opposition leader Mark McGowan said he disagreed with the commissioner.

“I disagree with him,” he said.

“There’s currently six 24-hour police stations across the Perth metro area, Armadale will be a seventh if Labor is elected.”

Mr McGowan said it would require a reallocation of resources or a small additional cost.

“At present there’s lots of police stations across the community, they have police inside the station, it’s just not open,” he said.

“We will have the front desk staffed, it doesn’t have to be police officers it can be civilian staff with access to the officers in the back of the station.”

In 2013 member for Armadale Tony Buti and the late Don Randall both championed the 24/7 station at their respective elections.

Dr Buti said it would provide enhanced police services.

“I’m absolutely stoked, I’ve considered this one of my major priorities since I’ve been elected and to have that commitment from my party to have a 24/7 public access police station I think is absolutely fantastic,” he said.