Canning ballot announced: 12 to stand

Canning ballot announced: 12 to stand


Twelve candidates will contest the 2015 Canning federal by-election, the Australian electoral commission (AEC) announced today.

As well as the major parties including Liberal, Labor, Greens, Palmer United (PUP) and the Australian Christians a range of micro parties would also contest.

Candidates from the Pirate party, Animal Justice party, Family First party, Sustainable Population party and Australian Defence Veterans party all put their hands up.

Teresa Van Lieshout will contest as an independent.

AEC officers also announced the ballot paper order, which was drawn at random.

PUP’s Vimal Sharma will sit in the first position on the ballot with Connor Whittle from the Liberal Democrats in second.

Labor candidate Matt Keogh would sit at eight while the Liberal party’s Andrew Hastie would sit at sixth.

Nine candidates nominated for Canning at the 2013 federal election.

There were 112,809 electors eligible to vote at the by-election.

More than 50 per cent of voters were between the ages of 40 and 70 while 34.5 per cent were under 40.

Fifteen per cent of voters were over the age of 70.

The by-election will take place on September 19.