Aircraft anger: ‘I don’t get any sleep’

Aircraft anger: ‘I don’t get any sleep’

Maddington resident Wayne Rosevear gets no joy out of the planes that now fly directly above his home every day. Photograph — Richard Polden.

Planes were flying so low over a Maddington residence that the homeowner could read the writing on the bottom of the plane and the wheels were already out ready for landing.

Wayne Rosevear said he bought his property on Putting Green in 2009 and observed on several occasions that the property was not in direct correlation with a flight path.

He noticed the level of plane activity started to heighten about December 2015 and since then it had gotten worse and was now unbearable.

“The planes are flying at all hours of the day and night,” he said.

“Every day between 10pm and 12am I don’t get any sleep and on the weekends especially Sundays the planes are constant.”

Mr Rosevear said he had written to the ombudsman, members of Parliament and Air Services Australia but as yet had minimal clarification as to why the flight path needed to be changed.

“Air Services Australia said that while my property was under a flight path for both arriving and departing aircraft they could not offer any solutions for the noise,” he said.

“The change in the flight path has devalued our properties and many homes around here are up for sale. If I wanted to sell my house I would have to pick the days carefully when people can’t hear it because there is no way they would want to live with this.”

In an email to Mr Rosevear on May 11, 2017 Air Services Australia national noise complaints and information service manager Ruth Jost said the new flight path was for aircraft using Smart Tracking and visual approaches, which replaced the previous path.

“Smart Tracking has been introduced because it has a number of safety, environmental and reliability benefits,” she wrote. “There are also noise outcome benefits. “While I completely understand that you may not have experienced these benefits yourself there is an overall benefit to the community.”

Mr Rosevear said he was still pushing for further clarification and had scheduled a meeting with the City of Gosnells in coming weeks.

“I hope they (Air Services Australia) can put it back to the designated flight path so we as residents can gain our tranquillity back and have an unbroken sleep,” he said.

Federal Member for Hasluck Ken Wyatt was contacted for comment but did not respond by deadline.