Weights to help on windy streets

Weights to help on windy streets

City of Armadale is currently trialling the bin weights on 110 properties.

Have you noticed any differences to some rubbish bins within the City of Armadale? 

The city has recently installed bin weights to 110 properties in Mount Nasura and other areas across Armadale after residents raised concerns about bins blowing over and lids opening in strong winds. 

Mayor Henry Zelones said letters were sent to residents in affected areas who have a choice to opt out of the trial and not have a bin lid weight installed. 

“The bin lid weight is made from repurposed conveyor belt, which is normally disposed of in landfill,” he said. 

“Other councils experiencing similar issues have successfully implemented the same bin lid weights.” 

Mr Zelones said the weights will be installed and left in the bin lids and should residents no longer want the weights they will need to contact the city to have them removed. 

“The weights should have little impact on the bin weight for emptying and maximum weight restrictions still apply,” he said. 

Mount Richon resident Vonny Von said the weights were installed on her rubbish bin in February, however she did not receive any notice it was happening. 

“We then received a letter on April 18 alerting us to the trial,” she said. 

“I never had a problem with the rubbish lids blowing open but I understand why they are doing it for people who have full bins.

“It is definitely a good idea but it is quite heavy so it might be harder for older residents.” 

The City of Armadale has not received any feedback on the trial as yet.