Veteran’s call to celebrate “unique” ANZAC Day

Veteran’s call to celebrate “unique” ANZAC Day

Cannington Districts RSL veteran member Peter Dempsey maintains the club’s Anzac memorial. Photograph — Aaron Van Rongen.

An 85-year-old veteran from Canning is committed to maintaining an ANZAC Day memorial at the Cannington District RSL gardens.

RSL member Peter Dempsey who was recently given a Certificate of Achievement by the RSLWA, said he was devastated by the events that have affected so many in society.

“As a veteran, I find it disappointing that I am not able to meet with my old mates to reminisce about the past we had a part in,” he said.

“However, I’ve had the privilege of maintaining a memorial that was created by past RSL president Robert Hill in 1990.

“I also like that a large number of residents will be standing at the end of my driveway on ANZAC Day at 6am and hopefully listening to an ANZAC service on the radio.

“I hope that people become more connected socially.

“I also hope they remember and reflect on the fact this ANZAC Day is special, it is unique in the history of the ANZAC traditions that normally would be commemorated.”