Vandals go on crime spree

Vandals go on crime spree

Forensics could not find anything when they were called to the scene.

A number of business owners woke up to find their shops had been damaged at the Dale Professional Centre in Kelmscott.

On November 24, the owners of five shops, located directly opposite Four Seasons funeral home on Albany Highway, were notified about the acts of vandalism, which has cost thousands of dollars worth of damage.

The glass on the doors had been smashed and broken and petty cash had been stolen.

Forensics were called to the scene but said they could not find any prints or clues as to who was behind it.

It has been suggested the damage was caused late Thursday night or in the early hours of Friday morning.

Businessman Stephen Galamaga told The Examiner the doors to his office had been smashed in.

He said there was glass everywhere, and files and papers lay strewn across the floor.

Mr Galamaga also lost about $200 in petty cash.

Despite this experience he said he bears no ill will or grudges against the offender who committed the crime.

“Whoever did this needs help,” he said.

“I am pretty upset and frustrated about it but whoever’s gone and done this has no idea of responsibility and need help.”

The landlord, who wished to remain anonymous also spoke to The Examiner and said he was angry and upset with what had happened.

“This is not right,” he said.

“It makes you sick and I don’t understand why someone would do this.”