Thornlie turns it on for home crowd

Thornlie turns it on for home crowd


It was Thornlie’s first home game of the season and a huge crowd turned up to see four very good games of football.


The women kicked of the day but faded away in the last quarter to lose 4.5-29 points to Carlisle’s 8.6-54 points. Thornlie’s best on ground were Ameliah Johnson, Kitt Catulpos and Angela Boyd.

Ryan Byrne celebrates a goal during the League team’s match against Cockburn.


Colts then followed and what was a very even game up to half time ran away with a very impressive win 14.9-93 points to Kenwick’s 2.8-20 points, best on ground were Taylor Tait, Reef White and Thomas Dixon.


The Reserves lost in a tight game 7.7-49 points to Cockburn Lakes 9.6-60 points.

Best on ground were Nick Falcetta, Clayton Stone and Jacob Mitcheson Brown.

A Cooper Smith and Cockburn sandwich


The League game was a very strong game from the Lions who could consider themselves unlucky to lose to the undefeated Cockburn Lakes with a goal after the siren.

Final scores Thornlie 9.4-58 points to Cockburn 9.10-64 points.

Best on ground for Thornlie were Cory Farrell, Lorcan Bourke and Ryan Byrne who turned back the clock with four goals.

Next home game is on the 18th May hope to see you all at the Den.

Photographs – Richard Polden