Terminal cancer patient’s plea

Terminal cancer patient’s plea


An East Cannington homeowner dealing with a terminal cancer diagnosis has made an impassioned plea for the City of Canning to offer him a fair price for his home of over 40 years.

Domenico Bono has lived in the East Cannington area all his life, with the last 40 years spent at 143 Crawford Road, a single residential house on a 2500 square metre property.

However, the City’s Town Planning Scheme 21 has had a major impact on Mr Bono’s only asset.

“These impacts include future road requirements and Public Open Space,” he told council at the Agenda Forum last Tuesday night.

“The roads (a scheme road and two subdivisional roads) impact on three of my boundaries.

“These roads are major components of the future local road system.

“The Public Open Space component on my property will complete a local park on the corner of Terek Way.

“Prior to the current proposed amendments to TPS 21 over 55 per cent of my property was affected by these reserves.

“They made my property unviable and almost impossible to sell.

“I was approached by council five years ago to buy the Public Open Space portion and I suggested that they buy the entire property but this was not supported.”

In early 2021, council initiated a Town Planning Scheme amendment to realign the northern extension of Terek Way, while will go through Mr Bono’s existing house.

While he agrees there are planning benefits to the amendment, his situation has changed drastically.

“When the council advertised the amendment in February/March 2021 I was in hospital for six weeks with a number of significant health issues,” he told council.

“I was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“Since then, I have been undergoing chemotherapy on a more or less weekly basis.

“The current property is beyond my ability to manage and I need to obtain more appropriate accommodation for the next stage of my life.

“Council is the only likely buyer of the property.

“My health continues to deteriorate and the stress from this situation is further impacting my health.

“Due to these circumstances, I need to get my affairs in order and get timely resolution of this matter.

“I am deeply grateful for council’s consideration of this matter and look forward to a favourable outcome.

“All I am seeking is a fair and reasonable price for the property.”

The prospective purchase of Mr Bono’s property was listed as a confidential item on Tuesday night’s council meeting, and Mayor Patrick Hall said he was unable to comment on the matter due to its confidential nature.