Students honour our diggers

Students honour our diggers

Dawn Maton’s donkeys were an important part of South Thornlie Primary School’s ANZAC service. Photograph - Aaron Van Rongen.

The importance of ANZAC Day is not lost on students of South Thornlie Primary School, with an ANZAC service and a poem competition held at the school to honour our diggers.

South Thornlie’s adopted diggers Fred Flor and Ray Hodgson and their wives Nina and Jenny attended the school at 2.30pm on Wednesday April 27 to judge the school’s ANZAC Day Poem competition.

A part of the school’s curriculum, students from year three to six write ANZAC-themed poetry, with teachers choosing the best two or three from every class to enter in the competition.

Deputy Principal Paula Vardy said this year’s entrants were exceptional.

“The winner this year was Kode Collard from year 4, and he got to read his poem out at our ANZAC assembly.

] Ray and Jenny Hogdson and Fred and Nina Flor with some of the submitted poems. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

“The assembly was brilliant; all the students were very well behaved.

“There was a performance by our choir, they performed the ANZAC version of We Are Australian.

“We had wreaths made up by the community and staff that were laid by our diggers and our politicians, and we had what we call our guard of honour – all our students in brigades, scouts and organisations like that, they come in uniform and they got to lay a wreath at the bottom of the flagpole as well.”

Dawn Maton also accompanied donkeys into the school to tell the famous story of Simpson and his donkey.

Ms Vardy said their ANZAC activities were extremely important to the students and the wider school community.

“Parents loved it, because it’s so important for our students to learn about that history,” she said.

“We’re removed from it now so it is important for students to learn about the ANZACS, a lot of the kids don’t know much about it and it’s an important part of our history.”