Strong weather conditions causes damage to homes

Strong weather conditions causes damage to homes

Heavy winds last weekend tore the roof off one house in Camillo.

A number of houses in the Armadale area were damaged by rain and wind on the weekend, including one house, which lost its roof.

At around 10am on December 17 Armadale State Emergency Services were called to a house on Lantana Way in Camillo, which had lost part of its roof due to weather.

SES volunteers arrived shortly after to assess the damage.

About 90 minutes later the team had repaired the damage, with the roof back in place and secured with screws, ropes and sand bags.

Armadale SES member Ron Stroet said the tenants were relieved to have shelter for the remainder of the weather and was a warning for residents to be prepared for heavy conditions.

‘A timely reminder to all residents that even in summer we can get storms and strong winds,” he said.

Mr Stroet said home owners and tenants should ensure loose objects outside homes are kept to a minimum, gutters are cleaned and overhanging tree branches are pruned back.

In emergencies the SES can be contacted on 132 500.