Seven decade love

Seven decade love

Mona and John Hawkes will celebrate 70 years of marriage on September 20. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen

A Serpentine couple said the secret to a successful marriage was wine, compromise and true love.

John and Mona Hawkes will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary at the Serpentine Tavern next month.

Both aged in their 90s the couple have reminisced on their life together which began just after WWII in a village in Wales.

Mrs Hawkes said she first met her husband in 1944.

“He had just finished serving in the navy,” she said.

“He wanted to learn how to dance so I taught him and that’s how it all happened.”

Mr Hawkes was a minesweeper during the war and saw action at Normandy.

He said since meeting his wife and marrying her in 1947 they had never been apart.

He said they moved to WA in the 1960s and have lived in Gosnells, Rockingham and now Serpentine.

“Mona has looked after me very well,” he said.

“We’ve always had a good meal and we’ve always looked out for each other.”

Mrs Hawkes said her husband has been very patient with her over the years and said sometimes when she was hurrying around like a mad fool he would calm her down.

Mr Hawkes has been blind from glaucoma for more than 10 years but that has not stopped the couple from living an active life together.

Mrs Hawkes still drives, they make wine together and they do the gardening.

The couple had three boys but lost their eldest some years ago.

They also have seven grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Mrs Hawkes said they have lived a good life together.

“I believe in true love,” she said.

“Some advice for young ones would be don’t run to mother when things get tough and work it out together.”