School shows its true colours

School shows its true colours

Kelton Thomas and Ryder Baird after finishing the fun run.

A storm of every colour imaginable was whipped up to help raise thousands of dollars for upgraded supplies at a Lynwood primary school this month.

On April 6, Bannister Creek Primary School students ran, climbed and jumped their way through a 30-minute endurance event designed to raise money for costly new teaching technology.

About 550 students, 400 parents and the local fire brigade got involved in the event which was part exercise event and part fundraiser.

The children raised money by setting up online fundraising profiles or taking cash donations, and money raised will go toward purchasing teaching tools including robotics instruments.

More than 55 kilograms of coloured powder was thrown during the event, which deputy principal Travis Miller hoped raised around $12,000 for school supplies.

“It was very successful,” he said.

“It was a fabulous community day.”

The event was part of the nationwide CUA School Fun Run project, which pushes children and their parents to fundraise for better school supplies.

Last year Western Australian students involved in the event managed to raise more than $660,0000.