Red tape cut for mobile food vendors

Red tape cut for mobile food vendors

Bee Delighted Mobile Café owner Tony Johnston, Victoria Park mayor Karen Vernon, Canning mayor Patrick Hall and Gosnells mayor Terresa Lynes.

Canning, Gosnells and Victoria Park are simplifying trading permits for mobile food vendors.

In 2021, Canning, Gosnells and Victoria Park worked to significantly reduce red tape for mobile food businesses by introducing the Simplified Trading Partnership Permit, which allowed vendors to obtain one permit to trade at approved events in all three council areas.

The innovation was awarded the national Economic Development of Australia, Partnership and Collaboration Award.

The councils removed the need for vendors to notify each council each time they were attending an event.

This small but significant change will reduce the administrative burden on vendors and allow them to use their annual permit across all three areas with no further steps.

“We have worked closely with our neighbouring councils to find any way to reduce the burden on businesses,” said Victoria Park mayor Karen Vernon.

“Food trucks and mobile vendors add vibrancy to events and pop-up locations I am proud of what we have achieved so far.”

Gosnells Mayor Terresa Lynes said the Simplified Trading Permit had proven a great success since its introduction.

“Ensuring these small businesses can thrive across our region makes economic sense, supports local and community events and helps to create a more vibrant community,” she said.

“The City of Canning believes in the power of collaboration and the importance of reducing red tape,” said Canning mayor Patrick Hall.

“By working together, local governments can streamline and build a thriving business ecosystem that benefits all local businesses

“It is rewarding to see the success achieved so far by working with our neighbours, and it shows that with a shared vision, meaningful changes can be created for the wider business community,” he said.

Councils interested in exploring partnership opportunities with the Canning can contact the coordinator environmental health services Corwin Lau on 1300 422 664.