Green vollies praised

Green vollies praised

Councillor Mark Bain, Ronnie Calder and Rosemary Markwell, from Friends of Queens Park Bushland, Roslyn Bartholomaeus, Canning River Residents Environment Protection Association, mayor Patrick Hall and deputy mayor Ben Kunze.

Canning mayor Patrick Hall recently acknowledged three local environmental volunteers for their contribution across Canning.

The three, Rosemary Markwell and Ronnie Calder, both of Friends of Queens Park Bushland, and Roslyn Bartholomaeus, of Canning River Residents Environment Protection Association, were nominated for their contributions to conserving, restoring, and helping make the local environments better.

Plaques for them were mounted on the honour board at the Canning River Eco Education Centre (CREEC), joining 31 other recipients since its unveiling in 2013.

Mayor Patrick Hall said he along with deputy mayor Ben Kunze and Councillor Mark Bain had the privilege to present the awards as volunteering serves an important community purpose and constitutes the essence of thriving communities.

“Over the last year, multiple environmental volunteer groups operating in the City of Canning, selflessly contributed over 3000 hours and planted over 17,000 plants,” Mr Hall said.

“It was a special evening where we can reflect on the outstanding commitment made by all volunteers.

“Thank you to all environmental volunteers who have consistently contributed to improving our green spaces not only environmentally, but aesthetically too.

“Volunteering with one of the City’s environmental groups is incredibly rewarding, it is a fabulous way to contribute to preserving our natural environment, a wonderful way to meet people with a shared love of nature, and I really encourage residents to enquire about joining up.”

The City of Canning will continue to honour and support environmental volunteer groups in their efforts to protect and nurture the environment.

If you’re interested in volunteering to a local environmental group, contact the city on 1300 422 664.