R U OK? message at Camillo school

R U OK? message at Camillo school

Grovelands Primary acting principal Emma-Mae Kapuscik and students Bianca Wemm and Jayden Clarke with Gavin “Gracey” Grace. Photograph – Richard Polden.

A 40-year-old brown brick wall at a primary school has been given a fresh lick of paint with an important message. 

Art vs Depression founder Gavin Grace recently worked with Grovelands Primary students and staff to create the mural as part of the Resilient Friends Club buddy project. 

Mr Grace said the object of the project was to transform boring public spaces into uplifting, inspirational and positive areas. 

“We aim to work with local government, businesses, organisations and schools to produce art that promotes the buddy system,” he said. 

Mr Grace said everyone at Grovelands Primary would now be reminded daily of resilience and to be comfortable with asking the question, ‘Are you okay?’ 

Principal Mark Bradshaw said the message behind the mural perfectly complemented the school’s You Can Do It program, of which understanding and developing skills around resilience and caring for others were key components. 

“We hope it encourages students to think about the wellbeing of themselves and others and hope it breaks down barriers for them in talking about these issues with peers, staff and parents,” he said.

“We have a lot of brown brick at our school so we will pursue all opportunities to enliven our environment for students.”