Counterfeitter nabbed after breatho

Counterfeitter nabbed after breatho

The counterfeit currency found in the man's car.

A Mount Richon man, 37, has been charged with counterfeiting offences after police found fake currency in his car during a roadside alcohol and drug test.

At about 11.40am yesterday officers had set up a mobile breath and drug operation on Armadale Road when they stopped the man.

It will be alleged the vehicle was unregistered, the driver did not hold a valid driver’s licence and he provided a positive result to a roadside drug test.

It will be further alleged during a search of the vehicle officers found counterfeit Australian currency.

As a result of the search officers executed a search warrant at a Mount Richon address where it will be alleged they found laptop computers and equipment used for the production of counterfeit currency.

The man was charged with making counterfeit money, possessing material used for counterfeiting, possessing instruments for counterfeiting and knowingly possessing counterfeit money.

He was due to appear in the Armadale Magistrates Court on December 16.

He will be summonsed for the traffic related offences.