‘Park is a failure for people with disability’

‘Park is a failure for people with disability’

Drone view of the Bentley 360 park.

The Bentley 360 project opened last week to the public marking a milestone as one of Western Australia’s biggest urban infill projects, but members from People with Disabilities WA are not happy.

People with Disabilities WA member Diana Ryan said the park reflects its decision to only consult a few local primary schools.

“There is almost nothing in the park for adults or to help with students or adult mental health issues let alone stimulate and include the disabled community,” she said.

“It reflects another failure of the Department of Communities to care for society’s most vulnerable.”

Ms Ryan said she sent questions to the department of housing asking what disability certified play and exercise equipment was going to be included but she was disappointed when her questions were forwarded to the Bentley 360 project manager.

Department of Communities assistant director general commercial operations Greg Cash said the Northern Parklands were designed to be universally accessible for people of all abilities.

“This is in line with the current best practice in landscape design, which sees spaces like the Northern Parklands designed for everyone to access including people with disability,” he said.

Mr Cash said the landscaping plans for the Northern Parklands were developed with input from students and teachers from Bentley Primary School and Santa Clara Primary School and he said other schools were invited to participate but declined the opportunity to do so.

“A development application for the Northern Parklands was advertised for public comment in 2018 with all comments receiving a formal response,” he said.