Olympic hopeful to go overseas for training

Olympic hopeful to go overseas for training

Jordan Boxell national number one ranking comes off the back of his recent success at a number of national and international competitions, which has also taken his world ranking to 83.

Eighteen-year-old Gosnells Police and Community Youth Centre (PCYC) judo champion Jordan Boxell was officially ranked as number one in Australia in the junior men’s under 66kg division.

Not long after winning a silver medal in junior men’s (ages 18 to 21) and then a bronze medal in the senior men’s two weeks ago at the West Australian International Open, Mr Boxell said he was thrilled with the big news.

Mr Boxell’s accolades include two gold medals, three silver and two bronze including one for Australia at the 2019 Judo Oceania Open earlier this month.

“It was pretty good to win a bronze medal for the country at the recent Oceania World’s Junior Cup,” he said.

“This has now placed me from 184th in the world rankings to 83rd.” Mr Boxell will be heading to France on November 14 for 10 weeks of high level training which will include three competitions whilst he is there.

“My expectations are that I will be beaten but it will be a good experience to go and fight against some of the best in the world,” he said.

“My biggest competitor in Western Australia is Jordon Greenbank as he is smaller than me and quicker on his feet and another competitor from another state is Louis Mott.”

Jordan’s coach Ian Weaver said the 18-year old’s performance has been outstanding and welldeserved after his 10 years of ardent training at PCYC.

“Jordan continues to perform at the highest level and to now be ranked number one in Australia for his weight range is an incredible achievement,” he said.

“He continues to build as a dedicated high-performance Judo athlete, and we can’t wait to see where he goes from here.”

The young champ is working towards going to the Olympics in the future and with the amount of success he has gained since the age of eight it would not be a surprise if he made it to the Australian Olympic team in years to come.