Old fashioned fun in Jarrahdale

Old fashioned fun in Jarrahdale

Scarlett Hughes with her dad Rory during the billy cart race last weekend in Jarrahdale. Photograph - Richard Polden.

Children of all ages climbed aboard an array of hand-made billy carts last weekend for a family-friendly activity like no other. 

About 60 people cheered from the sidelines as students from Jarrahdale Primary took to the track to compete in the inaugural billy cart race with their dads and father figures. 

Chaplain Joe Grida said the school decided to host the event in partnership with the Fathering Project in an attempt to get the community together and share in a positive experience. 

“It was a day many will remember with fondness I think,” he said. 

“The students benefited greatly from the extra time they spent with their dad and family building the cart and seeing how their dads problem solve including using the child’s suggestions. 

“They learnt team work and practical hands-on skills and the whole experience reinforced the fact that their parents love them and enjoy spending time with them.” 

The carts, which were made during term one as well as after school and on weekends were all constructed with odds and ends including recycled wood, metal and old bicycle parts. 

They all had to be hand-made and contain two seats, brakes and no motors and riders had to have someone to push them at the start line. 

Mr Grida said the students also painted start and finish line banners and printed participation certificates while many of the fathers helped set up on the day. 

“Many implied that they would like to see the billy cart race be an annual event,” he said.