Local pub’s high hopes for glory

Local pub’s high hopes for glory

CY O’Connor Village Pub executive chef Gavin Wright with his steak sandwich creation. Photograph - Aaron Van Rongen.

A local chef is hoping his combination of bacon, Swiss cheese, beef fat fried onions, tomato and chilli chutney, rocket and cornichon béarnaise will be enough to take out this year’s best steak sandwich competition. 

CY O’Connor Village Pub executive chef Gavin Wright said he has brought back some classic accompaniments with a bit of a twist for the pub’s fifth entry. 

“Every year we have created a completely different steak sandwich for the competition,” he said. 

“Last year we used brisket which was very involved,including brining, applying a rub, smoking and sous-viding (vacuum sealing) for 24 hours. 

“There are some really big flavours in this year’s sandwich and people really enjoy the point of difference we believe our sandwich has.” 

Mr Wright said getting the dish to the table is a real team effort. 

“There are a lot of people involved in the operation including the guys in the laboratory who DNA test all our beef and research genetics and the guys on the farm who care for and look after the animals and ensure we get great quality beef all the time,” he said. 

“We are hoping this year is fifth time lucky for us.” 

This year’s 2019 Australian Hotels Association WA Steak Sandwich competition sees pubs, taverns, restaurants and bars from across the state produce the ultimate steak sandwich. 

Voting closes on April 15. 

For more information or to vote visit the website.