New Man of Steel at Supanova

New Man of Steel at Supanova

Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin told fans of his excitement to be cast as Superman in the Foxtel series Supergirl. Photograph — Robyn Molloy.

If you saw an unusual number of imitation superstars walking the streets this weekend they were probably on their way to Supanova, where they flocked in their thousands.

Held at the Perth Convention Centre, Supanova welcomed stars and fans under the one roof for a pop culture, comic con bonanza with some wrestling on the side.

Fans filled the Film Ink Features Theatre to ask Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin, who has just been cast as the new Man of Steel in the Supergirl television series, any question they wanted.

Hoechlin said the significance of his new role was still sinking in.

“It’s very humbling, it is a character that a lot of people really love and it means a lot to so I don’t know if I am feeling the pressure or anything like that but you want to be true to the character,” he said.

He was looking forward to working with Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl, having just worked with her husband Blake Jenner in Everybody Wants Some.
Hoechlin said his favourite scene in Teen Wolf as Derek Hale was when he was possessed.

“That was something different than what Derek ever gets to do so it was fun, it was really fun to shoot.”

Hoechlin said he hadn’t seen any of the scripts yet for Supergirl but it was unlikely he would return to Teen Wolf.

“I don’t have any plans to do it right now but with TV you never know,” he said.

“For me the character has known the moment he was leaving, if you look at the character it really does wrap up his story and journey so for him to come back there would really have to be a very, very strong reason.”
Hoechlin recalled his first job that got him into the industry.

“Oh god, that’s embarrassing, it was an audition at a big acting school 20 years ago, they were popping up everywhere and one of them was called Beverly Hills Studios which doesn’t exist now,” he said.

“I was about eight years old, we had to get up on stage and do a scene from a Lion King video so it was like the music, the action and ‘grrr’ the Lion King and that was our audition.

“So that is what I did to get into the industry and acting classes and from there it was just a few tiny jobs and it just kept building from there.”