Mp disgusted by ‘burnout pad’

Mp disgusted by ‘burnout pad’

Ongoing police operations are being mounted by Mundijong Police to combat hoon drivers.

A number of residents have complained about hooning in the Jarrahdale area.

They have particularly raised concerns about the car park at Langford Park, which has allegedly been used as a burnout pad.

Member for Darling Range Barry Urban said he is disgusted at the state of what should be a tourist attraction in the shire.

“The entire car park is covered in a layer of rubber,” he said.

“This doesn’t look like somewhere that is safe for families to visit.”

Mr Urban said the driving behaviour through the town of Jarrahdale was terrible.

“There is rubber marking the road all the way up the hill and into the town,” he said.

“There are always cars speeding through the town.”

Mundijong Police senior sergeant Darryl Brandis said he was concerned with the level of hoon related activity occurring on the roads.

He also said he was keen to send a strong message to irresponsible drivers stating that antisocial driving behaviour would not be tolerated.

“Ongoing police operations are being mounted by Mundijong to address this,” he said.

“We are incorporating internal policing resources from traffic enforcement group, Armadale response officers and Kwinana police.”

Mr Brandis said vehicles, which were being driven in a reckless manner such as doing burnouts or racing another vehicle, could be impounded under the Road Traffic Act 1974.

“WA Police also have the power to impound vehicles of drivers who exceed the speed limit by 45 km/h or more,” he said.

“Those who have their vehicles impounded by police are responsible for all costs including towing and storage.”

Mr Brandis and Mr Urban both said they would like to remind residents they can ‘dob in a hoon,’ both online or via Crime Stoppers.

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