Little Willow’s big first birthday surprise

Little Willow’s big first birthday surprise

Little Willow Grigg celebrated her first birthday with a car parade in the wake of COVID-19 gathering restrictions.

It might not have been the first birthday party the Grigg family envisaged for their little daughter Willow, but friends and family did their best to help them celebrate the milestone. 

With current social distancing measures preventing gatherings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Grigg family were forced to think of other ways to celebrate Willow’s first year of life. 

The Grigg’s Byford residence was visited by a nine-vehicle car parade last Friday, with family and friends waving colourful balloons and banners, singing happy birthday and tooting their horns. 

Willow’s mother Kristy said her little face lit up at the sight of the many familiar faces, with some having travelled up to 40 minutes just to participate. 

“I had seen a few videos of car parades on social media and let family and friends know that we were eager to have one,” she said. 

“We were pretty overwhelmed actually. 

“We weren’t sure how many people would come along on the day, but some of our family and friends travelled about 40 minutes just to participate.” 

In fact, the car parade was so lively that police were called to the residence. 

“It was really special and now she’ll be able to watch that video back in the years to come,” Mrs Grigg said.