Little lions roar

Little lions roar

Serpentine Primary students Jasmine Bazeley as Timon, Olivia James as Simba and Lara Tsakiris as Nala. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

About 40 students from a local primary school have been practicing their lines day in day out for months in preparation for Monday night’s performance of The Lion King.

Serpentine Primary students donned with face paint presented the musical to family and friends this week, which featured handmade props and costumes.

Arts teacher Kristie Pinto said the students had been learning their roles since term one, every Wednesday afternoon and three lunchtimes a week.

“We’ve been performing musicals for many years at Serpentine and this year the kids chose The Lion King,” she said.

“We have some very talented singers and performers and every child has an important part to play.

“The students do all the scene changes whilst performing and they work as a team to make sure everything runs smoothly.”

Ms Pinto said a group of art students cleverly made all the costumes and props, which included a life-sized baby elephant made from paper mache.

Serpentine Primary students Jasmine Bazeley as Timon, Bryce Van Beuningen as Pumbaa and Andrew Whall as Young Simba. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.