Landcare groups on a weed-destroying mission

Landcare groups on a weed-destroying mission


Landcare Serpentine Jarrahdale and Jarrahdale Heritage Society received funding towards the restoration of Gooralong Brook in Jarrahdale.

The funding was received through the State Natural Resource Management Program’s 2020 Stewardship Grants.

Landcare SJ Executive Officer Francis Smit said that the grant will allow for the removal of weeds inhabiting the area.

“That area has a lot of woody weeds, an introduced tree species that are prolific seeders and are taking a good hold of some of that area,” Mr Smit said.

“Through the grants and the group we will be removing a lot of those woody weeds.”

These woody weeds will be replaced with species native to the valleys of the Jarrah Forest, according to Mr Smit.

“We will also be doing some revegetation, and that includes our R U OK planting day,” he said.

“The grant will provide 18 months of weed control in the area.

Once completed, the project will connect environmental restoration upstream and downstream.

The restoration is set to occur between the Mill Manager’s House and the ld Mill, contributing to a 1.2km riparian corridor.

Landcare SJ and the Jarrahdale Heritage Society are also hopeful that the regeneration will provide a safe environment for the WA Forest Black Cockatoos and quokkas.