Kids go crazy for a cause

Kids go crazy for a cause

Inijesu and Angel from ACC with whacky hairstyles for the school’s Crazy Hair Day.

Students at Australian Christian College (ACC) in Hilbert rallied together with whacky hairstyles to raise money for the Lion’s Cancer Institute.

According to Principal Jacqui Burrage, 63 students at the school raised $112 on Friday, August 13.

The College welcomed their community to use creativity and fun spirit through the Crazy Hair Day.

The school community were touched by the plight of the Lion’s Cancer Institute who take kids with cancer, those terminally ill or those with special needs from all the hospitals and special schools out for the day in December (for some this is a first-time experience).

This was not possible last year because of COVID, so the ACC children decided to help out.

Mrs Burrage said she was delighted to see the students taking part.

“Some of the hair designs were stunning,” she said.

“It is wonderful that our community can support others with greater needs than ourselves, while still having fun.”

The students were excited to be part of the fundraising, they cheered when the total raised was announced.

Year six student Louie said it was quite funny and his peers had creative and colourful hairstyles.

“I hope the money will help those children in need,” he said.

Another student David in year five said the day was fun and special.

“I felt helpful as we were donating to a worthy cause,” he said.

According to Mrs Burrage some of the students and parents got very creative with the task.

“I was amazed by some of the girls who had dolls threaded through their hair. Very creative mums,” she said.