Keogh voted in as deputy mayor

Keogh voted in as deputy mayor

Cr John Keogh will serve as deputy mayor until October 2025.

Councillor John Keogh has been voted in by his peers as deputy mayor for the City of Armadale.

He takes over the position from Cr Kerry Busby.

Five councillors put up their hands for the position: Crs Keyur Kamdar, Paul Hetherington, Shanavas Peter, Kerry Busby and John Keogh.

Both Crs Busby and Keogh received an equal highest number of votes, with no clear winner.

The count then proceeded to use second, third and fourth preferences until Cr Keogh came out with a clear majority of seven votes to Cr Busby’s six.

Cr Keogh will serve in the position as deputy mayor until October 2025.

“I am deeply humbled and am filled with an equal sense of gratitude and responsibility,” Cr Keogh said.

“As deputy mayor, I will serve you and the City of Armadale with dedication, integrity, and a deep sense of purpose. I will work collaboratively with our mayor, council, and our exceptional city staff to ensure that we continue to have a safe, happy and vibrant community across our entire city.

“It was encouraging to see so many eager to serve in this role and I eagerly look forward to working closely together with everyone.

“I would also like to thank Kerry Busby for his tireless work in the role of Deputy Mayor over the last two years.”