Caitlin has her sights set on Canberra

Caitlin has her sights set on Canberra

Harrisdale High’s Caitlin Newton will be heading to Canberra next year.

Harrisdale Senior High School Year 11 student Caitlin Newton was recently selected to be one of 15 students representing WA at the Australia Department of Education National Schools Constitutional Convention 2024.

The Convention will be held from 19 – 21 March 2024 in Canberra at the Museum of Australian Democracy.

Attending students from Western Australia will be flying to Canberra on 18 March 2024 to join their peers from across the country.

Only students enrolled in Year 12 Politics and Law were eligible to enter.

The National Schools Constitutional Conventions program is dedicated to enhancing the understanding of the Australian Constitution and its role in our democratic system among young Australians.

Since its inaugural event in 1995, the program has empowered students in Years 11 and 12 to delve into current constitutional matters. By fostering an in-depth comprehension of the Australian government system and the foundational role of the Constitution, the convention inspires active engagement with governmental traditions and processes.

Gathering students from various regions, the NSCC invites participants to journey to Canberra for a multi-day convention.

Through collaborative group work, attendees will tackle a constitutional question and craft a preamble. Subsequently, students will engage in a ‘vote’ to determine the inclusion of the drafted preamble.

The convention will be hosted at the Museum of Australian Democracy.

Caitlin said she is thrilled at the prospect of representing Western Australia as a delegate at the National School Convention 2024.

Her strong values, rooted in a belief in fairness and equality, resonate with the convention’s objectives.

Having completed a recent leadership program, Caitlin has honed her ability to listen to others and advocate for their rights, fostering an environment of mutual respect.

During a recent excursion to the WA courts, where she observed a District Court session and engaged in a simulated WA murder trial, Caitlin’s understanding of the Australian Constitution and its impact on the local legal system was further solidified, igniting her thirst for deeper knowledge.

Caitlin is excited for the chance to collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds nationwide, fostering personal growth and a comprehensive understanding of constitutional principles and government functions.

This, she believes, will greatly benefit her envisioned career path in both law and politics.

“Caitlin is a very driven student who has very high expectations of herself,” HASS teacher Mrs Heidi Nickolai said.

“This was something entirely driven by Caitlin herself. I did help her edit her response but other than that it was all Caitlin. She is very interested in politics and law and is interested in pursuing a legal career post school. Caitlin was also part of the Canberra tour this year.”