“Just be you” – celebrations focus on positivity

“Just be you” – celebrations focus on positivity

Malakai, Brodie, Dario, Cameron, Ecko and Te’Leah carving it up at the Headspace event.


The kids of Armadale got to party at the skate park last week, as local youth support services teamed up to celebrate National Headspace Day.

The Armadale event put on by the local Headspace crew and Hope Community Services gave a platform for local youth to check in with themselves and each other.

This year’s National Headspace Day focussed on unrealistic expectations.

“It’s about letting kids know that it’s ok not to be the best at things – you don’t need to get all the likes on Instagram or TikTok, you don’t need to get the best grades at school. It’s learning to not compare yourself to others, and just have fun doing what you’re doing. Ditch the impossible expectation and keep working on you,” Armadale Headspace Centre Manager Suellen Althaus said.

Kids at the Gwynne Park skate park were treated to bubble tea, a sausage sizzle, fruit platters and other goodies.

There were lawn games, and craft activities, and plenty of pairs of ears ready to listen to anyone who needed to vent.

Members of the Headspace Family and Friends Group and the Youth Reference Group were also on hand to provide extra support.

Headspace Community Engagement Officer Brody Nelson said the amount of pressure on kids these days has intensified.

“Yeah, things have changed so much since I was their age. Social media can be a crazy place. But also, the language has changed too – they’re so much more aware of mental health. I gave a presentation about eating disorders with a group of kids aged around 11 and they were throwing words at me like ‘body dysmorphia’. I just wouldn’t even have known what that was at their age,” he said.

“So, it’s really good to see them wanting to engage with mental health, and having the language to do that.”

There are plenty more opportunities for young people to connect and reflect coming up.

The Hope Community Services crew host a yarning session and barbecue at the skate park every Thursday afternoon from 4-6 pm.

And the free mixed sports program Nightfields will be returning to Armadale very soon. Watch this space.