Junk dumped on RSL

Junk dumped on RSL

Serpentine Jarrahdale ranger Allison Pryer and RSL coordinator Anita Chadwick looking through the items that were illegally dumped. Photograph – Juanita Shepherd.

Serpentine Jarrahdale RSL coordinator Anita Chadwick was furious to find items including a television set with a broken screen illegally dumped and mixed in with the donations on November 13.

The incident happened on the weekend and Mrs Chadwick said persons who had left the items, which belonged in a skip picked their day wisely.

“They know we are closed on a Sunday,” she said.

“This is becoming a recurring problem and we have had enough.”

Mrs Chadwick said the property had been fitted with cameras and she had the registration number of the vehicle.

“I called the SJ rangers,” she said.

“This is not on, we can’t have people illegally dumping their goods here when it actually belongs at the tip.”

The Serpentine Jarrahdale ranger Allison Pryer said she would usually go through the items and look for ID to be able to identify the offender.

“Once I find out who they are it all really depends on the situation,” she said.

“Sometimes I knock on their door and ask them to please remove the items they have illegally dumped or sometimes we have to prosecute someone for littering.”

Mrs Pryer said the fine was illegal dumping was $200.