Jordan’s journey to a better life

Jordan’s journey to a better life

Jordan Smith, 27, has enjoyed putting his newfound skills to the test.

Local businesses have reached out to help 27-year-old Jordan Smith to enter the workforce and learn valuable skills.

Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Pervasive Development Disorder, Mr Smith has been receiving assistance from disability support provider Interchange WA since 2011.

Over the past eight years, he has been unable to obtain work for any extended period of time.

Interchange WA support worker Kylie Blakemore and the team were not ready to give up.

Together with Mr Smith, they explored new avenues by reaching out to local businesses via social media.

Late last year, after years of searching, he was offered a permanent position with FreshBrew Coffee Vans.

The job sees Mr Smith undertake an array of tasks including cleaning, re-stocking the van, and carrying out stocktake.

“I was surprised to receive this amount of work…it’s a huge relief,” he said.

“It’s hard work, but it’s all worth it.”

Soon after, he obtained more casual work for locals within the community doing gardening and maintenance.

Excelling at mowing lawns and weeding, Mr Smith has been applauded by many of his clients.

Ms Blakemore, who has been supporting Mr Smith for the past 12 months, was overjoyed to see him achieve his goals.

“Jordan has been doing a lot of hard work, and has been inundated with requests,” she said.

“This was meant to be a one-day-per-week exercise, and now it’s a three-to-four day-per-week thing.

“His communication skills and work ethic have improved immensely over this period of  time.”

With his life firmly on track, Mr Smith will soon be heading off to South Metropol TAFE to complete a certificate in Commercial Kitchen Skills and Safe Food Handling.

When he’s not working around the clock, Mr Smith is writing passionately about superheroes and their arch-nemeses.

The 27-year-old is hoping to get his work published one day.

Having overcome many professional and personal challenges, Mr Smith has some great advice for others in a similar position.

“Don’t give up.”