Fighting for farmers’ rights

Fighting for farmers’ rights

Cannington Punjabi Club representatives Ravinder Singh, Balli Singh, Manny Harika, and Gurjinder Singh.

Members of the Cannington Punjabi Club are taking a stand against the injustices currently being committed against farmers in India.

The Indian Government – led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi – implemented a series of “Anti-Farmer” agricultural laws, late last year.

Across India, protesting farmers and their families have been met by resistance from the country’s security forces.

Voicing their concerns, Perth’s Sikh community have held a number of protests and community events over the past few weeks.

Protestors gathered at the Sikh Association of Western Australia’s premises, in Canning Vale, for a ‘Rough Sleep Out’ event on January 2.

More than 500 cars and bikes were involved in the ‘Farmers Vehicle Rally’ the next day, travelling from Canning Vale to Bennett Springs.

Crowds gathered for a special seminar at the Lynwood Wandarrah Hall, in Lynwood, on January 9.

The discussion centred around India’s social and political issues, the economy, ongoing protests, and the media.

Cannington Punjabi Club president Ravinder Singh, whose father grows vegetables in Northern India, said the farmers deserved to be treated with respect.

“The entire Sikh community of Perth is involved in this,” he said.

“We are seeking to protect the rights of farmers from all over India.”

Looking to increase its numbers, the group will be hosting many more protests and community events in 2021.

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