Heartbreaking accident changed family’s life

Heartbreaking accident changed family’s life

Dave Jeffs with his wife Sam. Photograph — Aaron Van Rongen.

A Mundijong family’s life changed in an instant 15 years ago when a horse collapsed and rolled on top of Dave Jeffs, resulting in him suffering severe spinal injuries, nerve damage and fractured bones. 

Before the accident Mr Jeffs loved his sport, especially golf, and enjoyed bush walking, bike riding and picnicking with his daughters and wife Sam. 

However, since the accident Mr Jeffs has had to come to terms with being completely reliant on others for every single aspect of his life, requiring 24-hour high-level care at his Mundijong home. 

Mrs Jeffs, his guardian and advocate said it is heartbreaking to see him suffer in so much pain and have all the things they planned as a family taken away from them. 

“He didn’t get to teach our daughters to drive or help them to move house and visit them in their own homes, he isn’t able to go out for a coffee, a meal or even a movie with us,” she said. 

“He would love to watch them play their sports and to go away camping with them, walk the grand dogs in the bush and all the fun things you get to do with your children once they grow up. 

“Understandably, we have struggled with depression and anxiety and it has been very difficult at times, yet we have found strength in each other to help us through it all and we are so very grateful for all the love and support from our dearest amazing family and friends.” 

Mrs Jeffs said the family’s main goal is to continue to provide the high level of care he needs from their own home for the rest of his days and not put him into an aged care facility. 

However, in order to do that they need help to extend his room. 

“The bedroom and bathroom aren’t big enough for the large equipment he needs and it wasn’t built for a person with disabilities,” she said. 

“He requires a supine full body length turning circle that also accommodates space for two carers to assist with all transfers. 

“We also need room for the ambulance stretcher as we have to slide Dave onto this for all transportation along with two paramedics and two carers to assist. 

“He is currently listed as a fatality risk in an emergency or fire as he is unable to be evacuated.” 

Mrs Jeffs said the family is now at breaking point and is in desperate need of any help from tradespeople, suppliers and businesses who may be able to donate their time and materials. 

“This would improve Dave’s life beyond words and all help, no matter how small, is appreciated more than you could ever know,” she said. 

If you can help, call Examiner Newspapers on 9390 1377. 

The family have also set up a GoFundMe page to help raise the funds required for the upgrades.