Gutless thieves steal disabled woman’s car

Gutless thieves steal disabled woman’s car

Anyone who sees this vehicle should notify police.

In a heartless act, thieves gave one local woman a wonderful birthday present – they stole her car.

The blue 2013 model Toyota Camry Atari, four-door sedan was allegedly stolen on Wednesday, September 29.

According to the car owner’s friend Jackie, the vehicle is owned by a disabled friend of hers called Sheryl and is her only means of transport.

Sheryl needs it to transport herself and another disabled friend to hospital and doctor appointments.

According to Jackie, the car was stolen on Cheryl’s birthday.

“Ordinarily on a Wednesday Cheryl visits a friend in a nursing home, and she often takes him to doctors appointments as well as her own,” she said.

“She’s just such a lovely person and she would do anything for anybody.”

It is alleged the vehicle was stolen from Werndley Street between midnight and 6am.

Cheryl lives with another lady whose wheelchair was in the boot of the car when it was taken.

According to Jackie, Cheryl is not in a position to buy another vehicle.

Anyone who sees the pictured vehicle or witnesses suspicious behaviour should contact the Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make a report via the website