Going PJ crazy for a cause

Going PJ crazy for a cause

Stephanie Wakeley and Amito Majok from year six. Photograph – Richard Polden.

Beenyup Primary School in Byford held a special pyjama day, where students and staff wore their favourite pyjamas to raise money for telethon.

The school had two Telethon Ambassadors, Amito and Stephanie who promoted and raised awareness for the cause amongst the school community.

Students were encouraged on Friday, September 24, to wear their pyjamas and give a gold coin donation to the cause.

Telethon is a registered trust and exists to fund important equipment and research for children with life threatening diseases including brain cancer and leukaemia.

Over the last five decades, Western Australians have donated more than $395 million to Telethon.

Beenyup Primary School raised over $250 so far, via donations at the school on pyjama day.

The school also has a donation page set up on the Telethon website, where donations can be made.

Member for Darling Range, Hugh Jones got in on the action this year and wore his pyjamas as he made his rounds through the school chatting with students about the cause.

Mr Jones said it’s important that schools support initiatives and charities such as Telethon to help children become aware of circumstances in life that impact other families such as childhood illness.

“Learning about and understanding people outside of a child’s immediate family broadens their experience of life and puts perspective in all that they do,” he said.

“It was great to see all the kids participating and donating a dollar to help other people.”

Schools often partake in raising money for charities to help children understand citizenship and the act of giving.

Mr Jones became involved in the initiative last year as the two ambassadors, Stephanie and Amito, were in his wife’s class and are again this year.

“They did such a great job last year appearing live on Telethon and describing what they and their school had done to raise money, that I was only too eager to lend a hand again this year,” he said.

Memorable pyjamas from the day included oversized oodies, onesies and cosy dressing gowns.