Green light for NBN tower build

Green light for NBN tower build

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale council game the green light for a telecommunications tower to be built on Baldwin Road in Serpentine.

A telecommunications tower, which would form part of the NBN fixed wireless network in Serpentine was given the green light at council last month subject to a few conditions. 

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale councillors voted six to two in support of the proposed tower at Baldwin Road to go ahead subject to the approval of colours and finishes to be submitted to the council for approval. 

The application was also subject to all existing trees on the lot to be retained and protected during and after construction of the tower. 

Councillors Jacqui See, Morgan Byas, Bill Denholm, Michelle Rich, Keira McConkey and Dave Gossage all voted in support of the proposal while councillors Dave Atwell and Rob Coales raised their objections against it going ahead. 

At the November ordinary council meeting Mr Coales described the proposed 50 metre high monopole structure as an ‘eyesore’ and said while he agreed improvements in communications were needed in the shire the tower was for NBN purposes only, not mobile phone use. 

“I understand that towers need to be put in areas in our shire but they need to be put in areas that don’t affect residents and their rural setting,” he said. 

The application for the proposal was advertised to land owners within a five-kilometre radius of the site between July 12 and August 2. 

During the advertising period a total of 13 submissions were received, nine of which raised an objection to the development and four of which raised no objection.